Los Angeles County Toilet Feces Cleanout

Narrative - Eddie Evans'  biohazard and infectious waste cleaning services. In most cases I ask for an email.

Note: I cannot include all instances of a Los Angeles County feces cleanup tasks' exact prices. Generally, I charge $350 for a single toilet feces cleanout; I charge $250 for feces cleanup in general. This is for a one feces cleanup outside of a toilet bowl. It's a feces cleanup fee for one time occurrences due to illnesses, diarrhea, homeless encampments, mental illness, and more.

Most often I'm told that my fees are "reasonable" compared to my competitors. Los Angeles County's biohazard cleanup companies may sometimes do what I do, but they charge in the thousands when I charge in the hundreds; house cleaners and maid services will not do toilet feces cleanout work, I'm told.

My Los Angeles County toilet feces cleanup services reflect the cost of travel, time, chemicals, tools, and equipment.

I have 17 years experience in the infectious waste cleanup service. This includes flood cleanup from homicides, suicides, unintended deaths, and dramatic blood loss incidents. I added the toilet feces clean out service when it became apparent that the sheriff-corners employees took advantage of the first contact with victims families and chose to send these families to select biohazard cleanup companies. In return these corners employees receive a 10% kickback, and less they happened on the company they sent families to find service. I do not pay kickback so I'm out of the loop.

Questions I Ask

  • Is there parking? Near, far, on the street, in a parking lot, underground?
  • Who will pay and will they meet me at the door when I arrive?
  • What is the earliest hour that I can begin?
  • Is there electricity and running water?
  • Does the sewer system work?
  • Our doors and/windows boarded up?
  • Will residents be in the building during cleaning?
  • Will pets be in the building during cleaning?
  • Is the feces toilet cleanup related to the homeless, squatters, mental illness, drug abuse, alcohol?
  • Does the sewer system (sanitary sewer) work?
  • Is there a backyard with access?


Prices - narrative - items

Standard price for one toilet feces clean out, $350 cash. This price varies depending upon the number of toilets for cleaning, additional cleaning services requested, and the distance to the work site. A number of variables apply to work conditions may also influence my prices.

Note that my standard toilet feces cleanup charges are $350, but this price can change depending upon the overall feces cleanup task involved in anyone residents or business address. I can and will reduce the toilet feces cleanup to a lesser fee if two or more Los Angeles County toilets have been filled. Likewise, I can also reduce my toilet feces clean out the if other feces cleanup task are required in anyone residence or business address.

For example, suppose that a residence or business has more than one toilet builder nearly filled with human feces. I can reduce the $350 fee for the first toilet because of the additional work required for the second toilet.

Generally, you would expect to pay $700 for both toilets, but I am willing to consider a price reduction because of the two toilet task. This does not mean that I will necessarily reduce the total fee a great deal. It does mean that I may reduce the fee because of the additional opportunities to earn more money. But yes, two toilets may well cost less with consideration of travel to Los Angeles County and working conditions.

Likewise, if additional feces cleanup work is required in anyone Los Angeles County residence, I can reduce the toilet feces cleanup fee from $350. Consider that a bathtub may have been

With minor feces contamination. In such cases I will continue to charge $350 for the toilet clean out, but I can clean out the feces from the bathtub for $10 as a minimal fee. Then again, where there's a good deal of feces in a bathtub, say an inch or so, I can clean out the toilet as well as a BA for a round in total cost. This will include the $350 toilet feces clean out service charge, and it will include the bathtub feces clean out for much less than if I had been called to clean out the bathtub feces along.

Below I have written about my price schedules to give a little more clarification as to how I might charge for anyone job. Although there are many similarities between feces cleaning up jobs, there are many differences too. There are a number of variables like distance to the job, the type of traffic I may encounter to the job and returning from the job, parking conditions, and more. Below I list a number of questions I asked that relate to the job and give me an idea of what we might be talking about price-wise.

Prices by Service - Tap links for further explanation below

  • 1. Toilet PCs clean out – $350
  • 2. Feces cleanup (Don't confuse with toilet clean out) – $250 service charge that comes with the first hour of labor (Top for further explanation below)
  • 3. Toilet feces clean out two – $500-$600
  • 4. Bathtub feces clean out – $10-$900
  • 5. 5 gallon pail feces clean out – $20 with working sanitary sewer
  • 6. gallon pail feces clean out – $65 without working sanitary sewer
  • 7. Feces removal from property – $200 and up
  • Feces soiled carpet removal from the premises – $200 per room, but with consideration for overall work completed at any one address and conditions.

Typically, "feces clean up" means removing human, dog, cat, rat, mouse, bird, or other animal feces from an area outside of a toilet. Instances of a typical feces clean up include diarrhea cleanup for elderly and other people with medical conditions, the mentally ill with recurring pieces discharge, homeless encampments, and other instances where a one-time occurrence or ongoing occurrences of human feces pollution occurs.


What this means is that I will work for up to one hour for my service charge fee of $250 to remove feces from your premises, whether a home, business, or industrial structure. The feces may be indoors or outdoors. The majority of my calls are for a one-time occurrences for this service by the way; Some callers who call me for feces cleanup work taken hours include social welfare workers calling for clients, family members calling for their elderly who are ill, property management agencies calling for properties damaged by squatters and the homeless, and owners of large properties that can vandalized. In such cases we negotiate the hourly fee beyond my service charge. In those cases I apply the one hour labor consideration and after the first hour begin charging an hourly fee.

In addition, I charge for certain services which include the following:

  • Feces removal for toilet feces cleanup work done in buildings without a working sanitary sewer. This fee must be negotiated depending on the amount of work involved.
  • Supplying electricity and water for which I charge $60 for electricity and $10 per 5 gallon water.




Bottom - TOP

Terms to understand for toilet feces cleanup work in Los Angeles County:

  1. Biohazardous: Human feces is not biohazardous unless it has human blood in it. If contaminated by human blood, then I may need to charge a biohazard cleanup fee. Most likely, I will not charge a biohazard cleanup fee though. In those cases where I do biohazard cleanup, I simply include feces cleanup as part of the biohazard cleanup. Put another way, Blood is both biohazardous and infectious; feces is infectious and not biohazardous. If someone tells you otherwise, they're pulling your leg. Check with the United State Center for Disease Control in Alanna, Georgia. Look it up Online.
  2. Conditions: conditions means overall situation for the feces clean up work to be completed. This will include such variables as parking, availability of working in water, distance to the feces clean up saying, work area (is it a tight area in which to work or enclose?), the amount of work to be done, time work begins, and other concerns.
  3. Crawlspace: here the crawlspace is understood is that area below the first floor. Most generally I no longer go into a crawlspace to remove raw sewage. When I do it is for an absorbing amount of money. Servpro offers this service and at times given the conditions, I can offer to do the service and for less money. It's a question of conditions.
  4. Feces: feces from humans is understood to be known as stool, poop, crap, and more. In the case of wild nature such terms as scat may apply. For domestic animals like cats, dogs, and birds, feces will serve my understanding of the need to be service.
  5. Payment: payment means cash. I expect cash payment at completion of work. Sometimes I may expect a 50% down payment depending upon conditions and other material matters related to the work and payment. For example, on very large jobs a corporation may pay me my check once we have written down the work to completed and how when I will be paid.
  6. Sanitary sewer: this is the drain system, the pipe system that plumbers work upon and which carries away human feces from toilets. It is also the drain system servicing kitchen sinks as well as bathroom sinks and bathtubs. "Sewer system" is another phrase used here.


Note: all prices are subject to time and distance for feces cleanout work. Parking and working conditions may be factored into the overall price. Just say "Los Angeles County" when I ask, "What city?".

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